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  • Cabrini

    After witnessing disease and poverty in the slums of New York, Italian immigrant Francesca Cabrini embarks on a daring journey to persuade the hostile mayor to provide housing and healthcare for hundreds of orphaned children.

    Director Alejandro Monteverde
    Stars Cristiana Dell’Anna, John Lithgow, David Morse

  • MAXX: Son of the Damned
    “Maxx: Son Of The Damned” is a dark coming-of-age tale that follows Maxx (Mentchaas Anderson), the first natural-born warlock in centuries. After his 21st birthday, Maxx discovers that Eve ( Amy Lyn) the first woman, and her followers want to use his magical abilities to bring about the apocalypse. This throws him into…[Leggi tutto]

  • Done Waiting
    No longer willing to wait for the police to find his missing wife, a husband decides to take matters into his own hands and search for the people responsible for his wife’s kidnapping. An old friend resurfaces and ends up helping him on his quest for vengeance.

    Director Jesse Hutchins
    Writers Brian Ceponis, Jesse Hutchins
    Stars…[Leggi tutto]

  • The Haunting of Prince Dom Pedro
    The Haunting of Prince Dom Pedro (2025)
    A modern-day fairy tale, The Haunting of Prince Dom Pedro is a story of how a group of high school Latin American History class students learn to regret their decision to not fully appreciate the Liberator of Brazil.

    Director Don Swanson

  • A Jury of His Peers
    Two college roommates, Bryce and Nate, are two normal dudes, until they meet a jury. A jury of their peers. They are tried for their crimes against humanity.

    Stars David Ogrodowski, Brian Ceponis, April Yanko

  • 2024

    Cabrini charts the rise of a poor audacious woman who became one of the great entrepreneurs of the 19th Century – Through her willpower, courage and business skill, overcame sexism and violent anti-Italian bigotry in 19th century New York.

    Director Alejandro Monteverde