Brian Ceponis

Brian Ceponis's gallery/Wall photo Gallery
  • The Haunting of Prince Dom Pedro
    The Haunting of Prince Dom Pedro (2025)
    A modern-day fairy tale, The Haunting of Prince Dom Pedro is a story of how a group of high school Latin American History class students learn to regret their decision to not fully appreciate the Liberator of Brazil.

    Director Don Swanson

  • A Jury of His Peers
    Two college roommates, Bryce and Nate, are two normal dudes, until they meet a jury. A jury of their peers. They are tried for their crimes against humanity.

    Stars David Ogrodowski, Brian Ceponis, April Yanko

  • 2024

    Cabrini charts the rise of a poor audacious woman who became one of the great entrepreneurs of the 19th Century – Through her willpower, courage and business skill, overcame sexism and violent anti-Italian bigotry in 19th century New York.

    Director Alejandro Monteverde