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  • Biden tells Congress he is ‘firmly committed’ to staying in race

  • UK royals unite on palace balcony, with Kate back at her first public event since cancer diagnosis
    Britain has put on a display of birthday pageantry for King Charles III with a military parade that marked the Princess of Wales’ first appearance at a public event since her cancer diagnosis early this year.

  • A ban on single-use plastics takes effect in Hong Kong in a bid to reduce pollution. Hong Kong authorities are trying to impose new rules that will cut the use of single-use plastic in a wide variety of businesses from Monday, coinciding with Earth Day.

  • Nearly 100 die after overloaded boat sinks off coast of Mozambique. Some of the victims were en route to a fair and others were fleeing for fear of being affected by a cholera outbreak.

  • Hi! President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump won Louisiana’s primary on Saturday, collecting more delegates after they already clinched their party nominations.

  • Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, returns to Instagram to tease new food, cookbook, cutlery brand
    Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has returned to Instagram to tease a new brand that records show could feature jams, household items, cookbooks and cutlery.