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  • G7 warns of new sanctions against Iran as world reacts to apparent Israeli drone attack

  • Louis Gossett Jr., the first Black man to win a best supporting actor Oscar for “An Officer and a Gentleman,” has died at 87.

  • Baltimore’s key bridge collapses. Parts of the Francis Scott Key Bridge remain after a container ship collided with one of the bridge’s support Tuesday, March 26th. The major bridge in Baltimore snapped and collapsed after a container ship rammed into it early Tuesday, and several vehicles fell into the river below. Rescuers were searching for…[Leggi tutto]

  • 80 years after D-Day, a world war II veteran is getting married near beaches where US troops landed.
    Harold Terens (100 years old) and his fiancee Jeanne Swerlin (96 years old) kissed and held hands like high school sweethearts as they discussed their upcoming wedding in France

  • How the Biden-Trump border visits revealed a deeper divide
    Their approaches to immigration represent a test of voters’ appetite for the messiness of democracy, pitting the president’s belief in legislating against his rival’s pledge to be a “Day 1” dictator.

  • ‘Oppenheimer’ keeps devouring awards with top prize at Producers Guild.
    With two weeks to go before the Oscars, “Oppenheimer” looks unstoppable.
    Director and producer Christopher Nolan’s tale of the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer and the birth of the atomic age won the top prize Sunday at the 35th Producers Guild of America Awards — a frequent pr…[Leggi tutto]

  • President Biden called President Vladimir Putin a “crazy S.O.B.” The Kremlin said Mr. Biden was a “Hollywood cowboy.”

  • Supreme Court skeptical of Colorado decision ruling Trump ineligible for 2024 ballot
    The Supreme Court seemed skeptical of the idea that Colorado can exclude former President Donald Trump from the state’s primary ballot, with justices on both sides of the ideological spectrum warning of the consequences of ruling him ineligible for the White House.

  • King Charles III diagnosed with cancer following hospitalization for prostate procedure. He has cancer and we don’t know what kind.

  • South Carolina primary, I’m wondering if Joe Biden can gain a victory.
    Election Day in South Carolina has arrived, why is South Carolina going first? South Carolina is the first of many primaries in what is expected to be a brutal presidential rematch this November against former President Donald Trump, a Republican.

  • Maine judge delays decision on removing Trump from ballot until SCOTUS rules in Colorado case
    A Maine judge on Wednesday put on hold a decision on former President Donald Trump’s ballot status to allow time for the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on a similar case in Colorado.

  • For Biden, another Trump Nomination presents opportunity, and great risk
    Some democrats see Donald Trump as the Republican that President Biden would have the best chance of beating, but also the one they most fear him losing to.


  • Guggenheim: new Director. First Woman to Lead the Museum Group. Mariët Westermann, the vice chancellor of N.Y.U.’s Abu Dhabi campus, will come to New York to run the museum.

  • If You Can Take the Cable Car to the Colosseum, You’re in Vietnam
    The country is in the middle of a cable-car bonanza, much of it driven by the over-the-top developments of the Sun Group, which feature giant Buddhas, ersatz European enclaves and selfie spots galore.

  • Israel warns more than 1 million people to leave northern Gaza

  • House paralyzed without a speaker, increasing the odds of a government shutdown in November
    While House Republicans bicker over who should succeed former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and lead the GOP conference, the House is virtually paralyzed as Congress faces the monumental task of funding the government by mid-November.

  • NYC flooding updates: Sewers can’t handle torrential rain; city reels after snarled travel
    New Yorkers on Saturday were reeling from one of the city’s wettest days in decades, which flooded flooded subway stations, stranded dozens of buses and snarled travel in the city.
    The worst was over by afternoon Saturday after some continued rainfall in the…[Leggi tutto]

  • Striking Hollywood actors vote to authorize new walkout against video game makers
    Striking actors have voted to expand their walkout to include the lucrative video game market, a step that could put new pressure on Hollywood studios to make a deal with the performers who provide voices and stunts for games.