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  • Hi, Amazon reveals the 10 best books of 2023, and No. 1 is a unanimous winner
    Once a year, the Amazon books editorial team gathers in Seattle for a literary battle.
    The book that took the top spot was a unanimous victor. James McBride’s “The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store” is an instant classic and among the great American novels of our time..
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  • Gaza hospital explosion kills hundreds. Poor people

  • Hollywood screenwriters, studios reach tentative deal to end 146-day strike
    The screenwriters union (WGA) and Hollywood studios have reached an agreement to end the prolonged strike.

  • Nbcnews. Rupert Murdoch, conservative media titan, to step down as chairman of Fox Corp. and News Corp.
    The mogul’s resignation marks the end of one of the most storied — and controversial — careers in modern media.
    Rupert Murdoch, the Australian press baron, plans to step down as chairman of Fox Corp. and News Corp.
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  • Hunter Biden will plead not guilty to federal gun charges, and wants court hearing by video: lawyer. Hunter Biden wants a video hearing for his initial court appearance, where he will plead not guilty. Republicans have said his case is example of favoritism because he is the president’s son.