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  • The U.S. Secret Service is investigating how a gunman armed with an AR-style rifle was able to get close enough to shoot and injure former President Donald Trump at a rally Saturday in Pennsylvania, a monumental failure of one of the agency’s core duties. The gunman, who was killed by Secret Service personnel, fired multiple shots at the stage f…[Leggi tutto]

  • Shelley Duvall, star of ‘The Shining’ and ‘Nashville,’ dies at 75. Goodbye Shelley!

  • UK election, Keir Starmer officially becomes the new UK prime minister Starmer received the blessing of King Charles III to form a government in a ceremony known as the “kissing of hands.”

  • Brazil becomes the largest nation to decriminalize marijuana. The country’s Supreme Court voted to remove criminal penalties for possession of up to 40 grams of marijuana

  • Peace summit for Ukraine opens in Switzerland, but Russia not invited Switzerland will host scores of world leaders this weekend to try to map out first steps toward peace in Ukraine even though Russia, which launched and is continuing the war, won’t take part.

  • The first witness in Hunter Biden’s trial is an FBI agent who was portrayed in an HBO show. Prosecutors in Hunter Biden’s federal gun case have called their first witness: FBI agent Erika Jensen.

  • Netanyahu acknowledges ‘tragic mistake’ in Israeli strike on Rafah that killed dozens

  • Scarlett Johansson says a ChatGPT voice is ‘eerily similar’ to hers and OpenAI is halting its use