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  • Labour Party wins U.K. election in a Landslide. Keir Starmer to be next Prime Minister, ending 14 Years of conservative rule
    Labour won more than 400 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons, in an anti-incumbent revolt that heralded a new era in British politics.
    The outgoing prime minister, Rishi Sunak, apologized for his party’s election r…[Leggi tutto]

  • Kevin Spacey, the Oscar-winning actor, has denied new allegations of inappropriate behavior from men who will feature in a documentary on British television that is due to be released next week.

  • House approves $95 billion aid bill for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. After months of delay at the hands of ultraconservative Republicans, the package drew overwhelming bipartisan support, reflecting broad consensus.

  • I love him!!!
    Paul Simon to receive PEN America’s Literary Service Award
    Paul Simon’s latest honor places him among public figures well outside the music industry. He is this year’s winner of PEN America’s PEN/Audible Literary Service Award, which previously has been given to former President Barack Obama, the late Nobel laureate Toni Morriso…[Leggi tutto]

  • Sundance film festival 2024
    Agent of Happiness
    Amber is one of the many agents working for the Bhutanese government to measure people’s happiness levels among the remote Himalayan mountains. But will he find his own along the way?

    YEAR 2024…[Leggi tutto]

  • Israel-Hamas War. As War Enters 100th Day, Netanyahu Vows to Keep Fighting in Gaza. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu struck a defiant tone after hearings at The Hague, where Israel has been accused of genocide.

  • At 61, Meg Ryan is directing and starring in a new rom-com “What Happens Later”.
    “What Happens Later” is an impossibly charming movie about a former couple who run into each other 25 years later in their 50s. A storm strands Willa (Ryan) and William (David Duchovny) in an airport and they compare the dreams they once shared and then lost.…[Leggi tutto]

  • Trump says Biden isn’t too old to be president