Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy's gallery/Wall photo Gallery
  • Venom: The Last Dance
    Eddie and Venom are on the run. Hunted by both of their worlds and with the net closing in, the duo are forced into a devastating decision that will bring the curtains down on Venom and Eddie’s last dance.

    Director Kelly Marcel
    Writers Kelly Marcel, Tom Hardy
    Stars Tom Hardy, Rhys Ifans, Juno Temple

  • 1984
    Podcast Series
    It’s 1984, and life has changed beyond recognition. Airstrip One, formerly known as Great Britain, is a place where Big Brother is always watching, and nobody can hide. Except, perhaps, for Winston Smith.

    Stars Cynthia Erivo, Andrew Garfield, Tom Hardy

  • The Bikeriders

    Follows the rise of midwestern motorcycle club, the Vandals. Seen through the lives of its members, the club evolves from a place for local outsiders into a more sinister gang, threatening the original group’s way of life.

    Director Jeff Nichols
    Writer Jeff Nichols
    Stars Jodie Comer, Austin Butler, Tom Hardy

  • Havoc
    Director Gareth Evans
    Stars Timothy Olyphant, Tom Hardy, Forest Whitaker