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  • Troy Downing for Congress

    Proud to earn this rating. I will always defend our Second Amendment rights!
    #MTpol #2AShallNotBeInfringed #GOA

  • Troy Downing
    It’s become a tradition to spend 4th of July camping at the Jones’ ranch in Harlow.
    This year, we couldn’t make it until the 5th but still had a blast… relaxing. Windy. Calm. Sunny. Cloudy… a little bit of everything.
    Yes, there were calf fries (Rocky Mountain Oysters). 🙂

  • Troy Downing
    In the trenches fighting with NAIC to protect state-based regulation.


  • Commissioner Troy Downing
    Highlights from a great event last week in Bozeman at the Investing in Montana Summit on June 11th.
    Thank you to all who attended and our sponsors.